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My Equipment


GSO RC 8''

Sywatcher Dobson 8"

Skywatcher 114/1000 EQ1 Reflector



HEQ5 Pro Syntrek - EQMod



Skywatcher Super Plossl 25mm, Skywatcer Super Plossl 10mm, Skywatcher 6mm

Skywatcher Barlow 2x, Televue Barlow 3x, Televue Powermate 5x, William Optics 2'' Carbon Fiber Diagonal



For Observation

Skywatcher Moon Filter, Skywatcher Blue Filter Νο. 80Α, Skywatcher Yellow Filter Νο. 21, Baader Planetarium Orange 570nm Longpass Filter, Baader Planetarium UHC-S Nebula Filter, Baader Narrowband O III Filter

For Astrophotography

Baader 1.25'' LRGB, Baader Planetarium UV-IR Recection Filter, Telstar IR Blocking Filter, Astronomik Hα 12 nm 1.25'' Filter



Atik 383L+ Mono

Philips SPC900NC

QHY-5 Guide Camera

SX Lodestar Guide Camera



Atik EFW 2 Filter Wheel, Atik OAG, Telrad Finder, Rigel Finder, Orion Accufocus, Baader Microstage


My equipment during a photographic session at my house and in action at the 4th Annual Star Party of Greek Amateur Astronomers at Mt. Parnonas, Greece as well as my latest setup


Old Equipment

Skywatcher 70/500 Refractor OTA (sold)

Skywatcher 90 degrees diagonal eyepiece (sold)

Atik 16 IC Colour (sold)

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